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Classes taught here:

Baby Swimming


Headlands Primary

Classes taught here:

Baby Swimming



The Pool

All our pools are carefully chosen for you to ensure you have an amazing time swimming with your baby.

The pool temperature must be warm for your baby as it helps them to relax in the water. This is because babies under 6 months of age cannot fully regulate their body temperature and will get cold very quickly in a cool pool. For very young babies it is not advisable to have them in water lower than bath temperature.

The pools that we use are kept at a comfortable temperature of between 30 and 35°c to ensure everyone can concentrate on their swimming.

Classes at Headlands Primary

Please click on the courses below for more information and to book. You will then be asked for payment to complete your booking. Places will not be reserved without a non-refundable deposit of £30. Full payment is due prior to the first session.


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Term Dates

Summer Term:

Saturday 14th May - Friday 22nd July

Summer Holidays:

Saturday 23rd July - Friday 26th August