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Aqua Yoga

Amazing For You

Aqua yoga beautifully combines the benefits of yoga, stretching and relaxing the body, with the power of the water. Using the water's support you can stretch more effectively.
Amazing for pregnancy- with your bump fully supported you can focus on moving your body with ease, stretching without fear of pulling muscles.


Amazing for Pregnancy

Aqua Yoga for Pregnancy consists of a unique series of exercises, combining the therapeutic and buoyant nature of water with the energising and harmonising effect of yoga. Aquanatal Yoga is the ideal preparation for women who are attracted to water birth as it includes special exercises for labour in the birthing pool.

Amazing for After Birth

Wonderful for after birth, as you need time out to focus on you, take this time to stretch, relax and help close your body properly after birth through exercising symmetrically.

The best bit for me is the relaxation at the end, it's so much easier for me to relax in the water than on the land when I'm this big.

Lucia at 31 weeks pregnant

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Aqua Yoga

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Aqualight UK Limited    •    Registered In Engalnd and Wales    •    Company Registration Number: 05249909    •    Registered Address: Unit KG/L, KG Business Centre, Kingsfield Way, Northampton, NN5 7QN


Term Dates

Spring Term:

Saturday 12th February - Friday 13th May

Summer Term:

Saturday 14th May - Friday 22nd July