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Aqua Sensory: Develop Learn & Explore

The focus is greater than just 'learning to swim' it's a whole sensory experience, come and join us to find out more.

Are you looking for …

… a swim programme that values play and takes a more child-led approach?

… sensory awareness lessons for your children in the pool?

Aqua sensory is a program from 0 to 4 years with specific water sessions for babies and another for toddlers to 4 years.

For Babies

For our little baby, sensory sessions we also help you to identify your baby's subtle cues, without them having the need to cry to communicate. We incorporate baby massage, yoga & rhythm, to help develop their baby reflexes into conscious movements.


For Toddlers & Children

The focus is greater than just 'learning to swim' however this inevitable happens as your child will be in water. We focus on the sensory experience of the water from massage to musicality. Our children learn the limits of their bodies, how to take risk and be free in the water. Movement is so important in todays ‘screen’ society

Come and try a sessions and see the difference...


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